Saturday 30 September 2023

Summer Fishing 2023

End of September already! A quick look back at the summer season before it's wellies & wooly hats, written monthly as I went along...

June: I didn't wet a line in the closed season - but the opening morning made up for it - a double figure barbel before 9am! One of 38 Small River barbel in the first two weeks. The other highlight was rudd fishing in the boat with James - love that little boat. And not one, but two 2lb+ rudd to a new PB of 2lb 10oz - monster!

July: I took my Small River barbel total to over 1,500 and added double number 28 (recapture). Floating about in the boat I landed a surprise pike while rudd fishing. And two days on the Wye saw a lot of chub, plus three little barbel. The highlight of the month was a new river, Blackwater, barbel of 8lb 0oz on a tough rainy day.

August: Started with a fantastic trip to the Lake District catching carp from an old iron pit. A few local trips added 30 barbel to my season (Small River total now 96). I spent some time exploring the chalk stream & upper river with the stick 'n' pin - loads of brown trout, plus a 1lb 2oz roach. And I bagged my first 5lb+ chub of the season!

September: A few barbel took my season total to over 100 fish, but the main event was a fishing trip to the States. Over 20 sharks, seven red drum, 3 jacks and a massive stingray on light gear. I also enjoyed a bit of freshwater fishing; catching blue gill & some fantastic bowfin - and those swamp pike (chain pickerel) were absolutely amazing!

Can't wait to see what the winter season brings...


  1. A great few months fishing.

    1. I write a paragraph of the highlights at the end of every month - and it always amazes me when I read it back together!