Wednesday 20 September 2023

Captain Jack

We were wading across the point of an island when we spotted stingrays swimming around us in the gin-clear water (pretty safe unless you step on one) - I looked up & butterflies were flying around us - a really magical moment & one I'll remember for a long time.

Back in the surf today and it was full of baitfish, you could see the mullet swimming through the clear waves. I managed to land two hard fighting jack crevalle - another new species added to the list. And a cast to a passing lemon shark was also picked up.

A new PB finetooth shark was a real bonus, at 4'10" it's a whopper for the species. An then something very heavy picked up the 'jack rod' - a real tug-of-war for 45 minutes as I gradually pulled an unseen monster to the beach - a new PB stingray about 120lb - what a day!

My first ever jack crevalle - beauty.

Jack number two - only small, they get up to about 50lb.

Pibb and shore coconut - I'm ending the Pibb silliness now.

Lovely lemon shark - spotted in the surf & chucked a bait to her.

New PB finetooth shark - 4'10" - about as big as they get.

New PB stingray - 120lb of pure fight - back breaking on 25lb line.


  1. Replies
    1. Fantastic day - once I’d recovered from that stingray fight!!

  2. brilliant stuff Brian, you could have warned the fish you were arriving !!! they've not had any peace since you turned up !!

    1. Yeah, giving them some hell this week - no warning!!