Monday 23 May 2022

Pre-Season 2022/23

Over 2 months without a blog post! But I have got an excuse - unfortunately just after the river season closed I was diagnosed with cancer - which instantly changed my year!

Lots of hospital visits, scans and tests - but we now have a plan. It's a fishing blog so I won't go into details - but; surgery followed by radiotherapy and a long recovery time will probably wipe out my summer season - hopefully I'll be fit by pike time.

I might be able to get out during breaks in my treatment - I'll see how I feel. In the meantime I'll be glued to the blogs for a bit of vicarious fishing - best of luck this season (and keep blogging).

That's a bit heavy, so in lighter news... I have been out bothering the butterflies, with three new species added to my list; Wall Brown, Pearl-Boardered Fritillary and the very rare Small Pearl-Boardered Fritillary (first photo). Butterfly count now 47 of 59.

Small Pearl-Bordered Fritillary Pearl-Bordered Fritillary
Orange Tip (Male) Green Hairstreak
Wall Brown Speckled Wood