Saturday 30 August 2014

On A Roll!

10lb 1oz. Just scraped over the magic weight, and absolutely mint - get in! (Rolling luncheon meat, SB5).

Just a small one but still fantastic. (Rolling luncheon meat, SB5).

And Dan added this 6lb 10oz barbel - cracking stuff Dan. (Static luncheon meat, SB5).

Saturday 23 August 2014


Lovely way to spend a few hours on the riverbank in the sunshine... A 3½lb barbel above (approx) and a 4lb 5oz barbel below... Lost one about 8lb to a hook pull, but even that didn't spoil my day!

Friday 22 August 2014

SB5: Dan Approved!

Since my post this morning I've done 2 train journeys, caught 6 tubes and 2 buses. I've had 2 meetings, a spot of lunch, popped home to change and grab my gear, and gone over to grab Dan's gear...

Back on the river by 5. With the river a foot higher and coloured we opted for static baits, Dan taking my swim from this morning, me breaking in just below.

Long story short - one bite between us, Dan taking the honours...

Normally at this point I say fantastic fight - but in this case it wasn't; the barbel went straight though a branch that was floating down then though a big clump of weed, after it kicked about for a bit I netted the whole 25lb bunch downstream.

But a fantastic 8lb 14oz barbel - top stuff!

Dawn Raid: Barbel

Very quick morning mission to do some baiting up and free-line a bait to any fish I spotted. The first fish I spotted was about 4lb and had managed to fine a spot that was impossible to get a cast to even in this small river, I gave him some free samples for good luck.

After wandering about for a bit I spotted 3 barbel in a row, a big one and two small ones and soon had them mopping up the free samples. First cast, come on the big one... One of the small ones nailed it, still a cracking fight and a fish is a fish - it's been a while!

Cue much commotion, including me sliding down the bank into the water to net the fish and a 3lb 7oz barbel was mine - mission accomplished (although the photo was blurry). Once the fish swam away strongly I climbed back up the bank and amazingly the other two barbel were still there - and soon mopping up the free samples again.

I repeated the process, come on the big one - yes! Another fantastic fight and a 7lb 7oz barbel was mine. Once released I climbed the bank again - and the other small barbel was still there! It would be rude not have a go, 2lb 1oz, three fish in three casts - just what the doctor ordered!

Out of time, I made sure he swam away strongly before I headed for home. Free-lined luncheon meat marinated in our new SB5 did the trick. Hopefully back out later...

Oh yeah, to the owner of the size 4 barbed hook tied to what looked like 3lb line - I found your hook - it was in the lip of the seven pounder - barbless hooks and a bit beefier gear next time, please!

Jack's Pike #195

Friday 15 August 2014

Jack's Pike #194

15% off all T-Shirts this week, just enter the code SHIRTS15 at the checkout... I think I'll get the bleak one...

Tuesday 5 August 2014

Sea Dragons

I didn't get out fishing over the weekend, I was on Walney Island in Cumbria, but while walking along the beach on a very choppy high tide I did see a pipefish that had been washed ashore.

Initially I thought it was dead but it moved, I've never seen a live one before - a quick photo before I returned it to the sea.

While wandering about I found two more, both of which were returned alive to the sea… Might not have been fishing, but finding live sea dragons more than made up for it!

And as I'd found dragons I thought I'd take some photos of their Jurassic waterscape...

Massive rocks towering over the clear water...

Deep gullies and ferocious currents...

Well, that has spoiled the illusion!