Thursday 31 August 2023

Hide & Seek

Trying to find those masters of hide & seek - the big chub! And I found at least two of them, spooked the first before landing the 5lb 2oz chub above. Hopefully there are more in the shoal - and hopefully even bigger. But it's time for them to hide again - I'll find 'em!

Wandering about searching the river for chub I also banked 15 barbel to 6lb 3oz (a 6lb 2oz fish above), spotting them - then drifting a piece of meat or bread down to them. A rather splendid afternoon! My Small River season total now stands at 96 barbel.

And James is on a roll, barbel number 21 added to his 40 River Challenge - nineteen to go... Blog post is here.


  1. Replies
    1. Cheers. Bigger ones in the shoal I think…

  2. Never ceases to amaze me at how many fish you catch in a session. You really do have the magic touch Brian. And of course no little skill. 😉

    1. I wring everything out of every session - especially in the warmer months when they’re moving about - it’ll start getting tougher soon…