Monday, 14 June 2021

Pre-Season 2021/22

It's very nearly time to go fishing - river season opens on Wednesday - like you didn't know! New line on reels, bits and bobs restocked and kit ready to go - time to make a few plans...

I'd like to up a few personal bests this season; rudd, roach and perch are the initial targets - I'd like to crack a 2lb+ roach and rudd, so close to the target. And a weighed 3lb+ perch would be fantastic.

I can't ignore the local barbel - so I'm again aiming to bank 100 of them this season. I'd like to beat my PB (perhaps a 15?) - but I'll probably have to wait until February for one to hit that weight.

I have a couple of winter pike targets (after so few pike last season) - but with the threat of Covid making a return I'll post about that nearer the time - I don't want to curse it!

Right, hopefully on the riverbank on Wednesday (second Covid jab tomorrow and it made me ill last time). Tight lines bloggers - and I look forward to reading all about your adventures this season...

Friday, 11 June 2021

Bugs & Beasts 5

Species 35 - Wood Whites - not many places you can find these.

Species 36 - Adonis Blue - a female posing in the sunshine.

One of our rarest butterflies - the Glanville Fritillary.

The tiny Small Blue - not easy to photograph.

Common Newt - or is it a Great Crested?

Wednesday, 9 June 2021

On This Day 2018

Three years ago today...
My first canal carp - a 28lb beauty caught on floating crust from a grotty London towpath - this will take some beating!

Wednesday, 2 June 2021

Bugs & Beasts 4

Species 32 - Green Hairstreak - battered but beautiful.

Species 33 - Marsh Fritillary - rare species for the collection.

Species 34 - Duke Of Burgundy - we've seen this individual before.

Dark Dingy Skipper - different colour variation, not new species.

Red-Headed Cardinal Beetle - so it's not just butterflies!