Friday 28 July 2023

Blackwater Gold

We had intended to fish The Severn after The Wye but it was set to rain all day, the Severn would rapidly become unfishable - so we opted to spend an afternoon/evening on the tiny Blackwater...

We walked a mile stretch, and it looked great - but there is a very low population of barbel and a lot of places for them to hide! So James opted to spend 30 minutes in each likely looking swim...

I'm not one for sitting still, so I opted to freeline meat while barbel spotting with polaroids. And bag a few chub while I was searching - I banked 5 chub, nearly six but a pike nicked one - I'll be back for her!

It look 7 hours to spot a barbel - I launched a cube of meat at her - then it took a further 45 minutes for her to pick up the bait - great fight before an 8lb 0oz Blackwater bar of gold found the net!

I fished on until dark, James stuck at it for a few more hours - but no more fish - the day was mine (he had won The Wye). A new river barbel, number five - hard earned fish in the horrible conditions!

Intimate little swims.

Absolutely pissing down all day.

The chub kept me entertained while searching the river.


  1. Great stuff Brian, some cracking fish !!

    1. Cheers Mick, hard earned barbel that one, but always nice to get one off a new river.

  2. Replies
    1. It would have been lovely had it stopped raining even for a few minutes - was absolutely soaked! But I will be back, spotted a few big roach - and a few pike for when it gets a bit colder.