Sunday 27 December 2009

Salt, Snow and Flood

Well, as predicted, the melted snow and salt filled the river. With 6 extra feet of water we gave it a couple of hours - but perhaps knowing when to give up is also a fishing skill!?

Edit: And the following 2 days were also flooded out, still every session that includes a twenty is a good one. Oh, and here is a friendly River Wye robin!

Saturday 26 December 2009

23lb 8oz Pike (5 in total)

Location: Wilton
Number: 5 pike (9 in total, Dad 4)
Largest: 23lb 8oz
Method: Float-fished bleak

First day fishing for the Wye winter pike after 2 cancelled sessions due to flooding. The conditions weren't great, the snow and ice were melting and salt from the roads was getting into the water. But great session anyway a 23lb 8oz (Me), 14lb (Dad), 11lb 10oz (Dad) and 6 jacks to about 5 pounds.

And a bonus perch for me on bleak livebait, at 2lb 1oz it is my personal best.

Wednesday 18 November 2009

Pond Survey

I popped down to the local pond this morning to watch a team of people do a fish survey, I've never seen a pond netted and electro-fished. The results were good and they concluded the pond is very healthy.

The largest carp caught was 26lb and there were plenty of doubles, the largest pike was 12lb and there were lots of year old pike as well as a good head of perch and roach (I didn't know there were roach in this pond). Can wait to get after those pike!

Thursday 24 September 2009

14lb 8oz Mirror Carp

24 September 2009, 11.00am
Wandsworth Common Pond
Ledgered sweetcorn

New venue, I was after tench but the 14lb carp gave a great fight on 5lb line and a 10 barbless hook. Also caught 3 small roach but the tench will have to wait for another day!

Carp Challenge 2009
And that fish wrapped up the challenge for 2009. My target was to catch 95lb plus of Tooting carp, that's 1lb of fish for every £1 spent on licenses to fish there. I finished well above my target with twelve fish for 170lb 14oz... And my new PB, a twenty... Well pleased!

Tuesday 15 September 2009

20lb 2oz Common Carp

15 September 2009, 10.15am
Tooting Bec Pond (p2)
Ledgered bread (yeah, again, but they like bread)

Beat the magic 20 pound mark, yeeaaah! Horrible rainy morning but it was worth it. Nearly lost it when it went round a 'no fishing beyond this point' sign out in the water but it decided to go back round it the same way.

Saturday 12 September 2009

9lb 10oz Leather Carp

12 September 2009, 11.30am
Tooting Bec Pond (p3)
Ledgered bread

Another leather carp, which takes my total up to 10 carp so far...

Meanwhile, at Richmond pond, Yuriko caught this rudd!

Thursday 10 September 2009

14lb 6oz Mirror Carp

10 September 2009, 1.30pm
Tooting Bec Pond (p3)
Ledgered bread

Yay, 2 carp in a couple of hours!

11lb 8oz Leather Carp

10 September 2009, 12.45pm
Tooting Bec Pond (p3)
Ledgered bread

[Edit, 15 Sept: I showed this photo to a friend of mine who is a bit of a carp expert, and because of the 2 scales behind the fishes head, this is in fact a mirror carp. So the 9lb 10oz carp I caught on the 12th September is my biggest leather carp.]

My first double leather carp. I also caught 11 small perch on float fished worm, would have been 12 but a pike took one off the line.

Wednesday 26 August 2009

14lb 15oz Common Carp

26 August 2009, 1.30pm
Tooting Bec Pond (p1)
Ledgered bread

Taking my total weight of carp to 100lb 12oz, so I've cracked my target of 1lb of carp to £1 of cost to fish here... But I'm not stopping there...

Thursday 20 August 2009

Perch Fishing

20 August 2009
Tooting Bec Pond (p1)
12 Perch

Trying to get the bigger perch using lob worm, but the small ones still eat them. Biggest perch was about 9-10oz...

Fish bait next time...

Wednesday 12 August 2009

Friday 7 August 2009

19lb 2oz Mirror Carp

7 August 2009, 12.00am
Tooting Bec Pond (p5)
Ledgered bread

<- Opps! I was pretty sure when I saw it that it was the same fish I caught yesterday, it had a slightly deformed mouth and the large central scale. Now I've blown the photos up on my mac I can confirm it is the same fish - 2oz lighter today. Better photo!!

And I've reached my target of 69lb of carp, but thinking about it I also had to purchase a rod license for £26, so my new target is 95lb of carp to cover this cost as well. 22lb 2oz to go...

Thursday 6 August 2009

19lb 4oz Mirror Carp

6 August 2009, 10.30am
Tooting Bec Pond (p1)
Ledgered bread

New person best! So close to the magic 20lber. It takes my total carp weight up to 53lb 12oz (Still need 15lb 4oz to reach my goal).

I also caught 12 small perch on float fished worm.

Tuesday 4 August 2009

Perch Competition 1

Perch fishing competition 1 - Tooting Bec (peg 5/6)
Dan: 22 Perch
Brian: 20 Perch

42 perch in total, the biggest ones were about 8oz. All taken on float fished worm hook bait.

I took an early lead but Dan was helped to victory, partly, by catching 6 perch in 6 casts with the same worm.

So it's round 1 to Dan, who broke his rod 2 hours into the session and continued to fish holding it together.

Friday 31 July 2009

Dan's Perch

This morning didn't produce any carp but Dan caught this small perch... Think I'm going perch fishing next time, see if I can find his big brother!

And a bit of Photoshopping later... Monster...

And I forgot to mention I'm now exactly half way to my target of catching 69lb of carp.

Tuesday 28 July 2009

10lb 2oz Mirror Carp

28 July 2009, 7.30am
Tooting Bec Pond (p1)
Ledgered sweet corn (over maize groundbait)

10 minutes walk from Streatham High Street, across a park and hidden by trees, Tooting Bec pond is like being in a different country. At 7am, with parakeets flying overhead and terrapins swimming about, it's so easy to forget you are in London.

Thursday 23 July 2009

13lb 6oz Common Carp

23 July 2009, 10.30am
Tooting Bec Pond (p1)
Ledgered Bread

New personal best beating my old record of 11lb from the River Wye. 24lb 6oz of carp caught, 44lb 10oz to go...

Saturday 18 July 2009

11lb Mirror Carp

18 July 2009, 2pm
Tooting Bec Pond (p1)
Ledgered Bread

First carp from Tooting. It cost £69 for a permit, so I'm going to try and match (or beat) the price in pounds of fish. A running total will appear to the right... 58lb of carp left to catch...

Sunday 1 March 2009

12lb Pike (9 in total)

Location: Wilton (Town side)
Number: 9 pike (15 in total, Dad 6)
Largest: 12lb 0oz
Method: Float-fished bleak / Plug (1)

Saturday 28 February 2009

20lb 12oz Pike (8 in total)

Location: Wilton (Town side)
Number: 8 pike (15 in total, Dad 7)
Largest: 20lb 12oz
Method: Float-fished bleak