Saturday 28 January 2023

Two Casts

A day on the small river with James - would the barbel want to play after the cold weather? Oh yes. And I managed my best two barbel of the season (so far) in two casts - 8lb 10oz followed by a beautiful double, 10lb 9oz - brilliant! With back-up fish of 7lb 0oz, 6lb 0oz and about 3lb - a fantastic day on the winter river!!

Sunday 22 January 2023

Fourteen Pound

A wander about with the stick 'n' pin & a pint of maggots, and James. One point for a roach, dace or chub - two points for a gudgeon or perch and -10 points for a barbel. It didn't take long before I was on -10 points! Then we struggled to get another bite between us.

I lucked in & found a shoal of feeding fish - and caught most of them; 1x gudgeon, 1x dace, 6x roach, 6x minnows & about 20 chub. No need to add up the scores; James really had a day to forget - he's still buzzing from his Kennet barbel so I don't feel too bad for him!

Saturday 14 January 2023

Friday The Thirteenth

Last Saturday I joined James on his mission to land a River Kennet double barbel. A miserable day but we covered a lot of water - not sure it would be possible for two people to cover more water! A blank for me - but James finally got the bite he wanted - nice one!

So after a week of rain I hit the small river to try & get a bend in the rod. And a barbel first cast - just what I needed! A wander about for a few hours and nine barbel plus 2 bonus chub found the net. I'd like to add a few barbel from some more rivers to my account though.

James' new river double, number eighteen, is here. On target to reach 20 doubles from different rivers before the season ends?

Saturday 7 January 2023

Two Hundred To One

Afternoon on the river & barbel number two hundred of the season! One of four that found the net, that's 200 barbel to one pike! I'm not complaining about the barbel - far from it - but I need to find some more local pike fishing next winter - to the Google!

And I found the shoal of big chub, they had moved about quarter of a mile. More spread out on a shallow glide I bagged three; 5lb 8oz, 4lb 14oz, & 4lb 12oz. Even though there are 12-15 chub in the shoal the five was a recapture - at least I know it's the same shoal!

Thursday 5 January 2023

Twenty Twenty-Three

A roach fishing trip with James, six hours and no roach. The Roach-Man couldn't catch one either - they just weren't feeding - so I don't feel too bad! Two barbel and three OOS trout found the net though - not the target but great fun on the stick 'n' pin and light line.

So a morning mission to find the shoal of big chub - found them! And bagged this beatiful 5lb 8oz fish on the first cast. They'll disappear now - but I'll find them again. A wander about and I added five barbel to 7lb 3oz - great stuff. Happy New Year - tight lines for 2023!