Friday 22 September 2023

Blacktip Bay

Tarpon: You need a lot of luck to land a tarpon from the surf - the first bit of luck is hitting one about 70-100lb - big enough to run you ragged for 2 hours - but you still stand a slim chance of landing it...

My first encounter with a tarpon was it stripping 200 yards of line off the tight drag in a few seconds - before it jumped - probably bigger than me. No chance! I fought it for 10 minutes before we parted...

I hit two others of a more reasonable size, but unfortunately the hook pulled both times. Then as quickly as they arrived they were gone. You'd think I'd be gutted but I'm not - what an experience to have!

Sharks: We were after a blacktip shark. And it didn't take long before one of the rods was ripping over in the spike - not the target but a new species 5'0" blacknose shark - and things got even better...

The other rod was away and I was connected to a very powerful fish - a blacktip! A hard fight before my prize was in the surf, measuring in at 5'4" - brilliant! Next up was a PB equalling finetooth shark...

We fished on and an even bigger blacktip found a bait - after trying to pull my arms off a 5'10" fish was at the beach - just 1" off my PB! Then a third blacktip about 4' completed the hatrick!

Jack Crevalle: As the tide peaked the sharks moved further out - and we waded out after them - a very unnerving experence watching them swim past you - but great to watch them hunting in the surf!

Despite seeing a lot of sharks no more were landed - but a new PB jack rounded out the session - stunning looking fish. Then as the tide went out so did the fish - we fished on but the last day was done.

New species - a 5'0" blacknose shark.

Target species - a 5'4" blacktip shark.

PB equalling - 4'10" finetooth shark - and a better photo.

Best blacktip of the day at 5'10" - what we were here for.

Bonus PB jack crevalle - what a beauty (about 8lb).


  1. Great series of blogs, looked an awesome trip. Jealous!

    1. Wish my trip to Devon and Cornwall was like that lol. Brilliant stuff Brian, as Adam says well jealous

    2. Yeah it was an awesome trip, I'm very lucky to get to go over once in a while - and lucky I have someone who knows the water so well to point me at the fish!

    3. Not quite Devon & Cornwall standard though!!

  2. Replies
    1. Brilliant trip - I'm jealous my brother gets to live there with access to all those sharks. But it's a week I'll remember & look back on for a very long time..!