Saturday 16 September 2023

Chasing Tarpon

After the storm last night we headed out to see if the mullet were off the rocks - bringing with them tarpon. They weren't. The chances of hooking one without masses of bait fish would have been like winning the lottery - an hour with no sign of mullet we needed a new plan...

BTW; if I do win the lottery I'll be back for them - probably with a very expensive fly rod and buckets of time! A short drive away we found five red drum and a 5'8" lemon shark - ridiculously close to shore, in perhaps a foot of water! Brilliant stuff!!


  1. Not a great place to swim then. Wonderful sport.

    1. I’m on high alert just wading about (the biggest issue in the shallow water is stepping on a stingray) - but there were surfers - and bull sharks and tiger sharks!

    2. Think its bad etiquette to catch a surfer?!?

    3. It’s frowned upon - but if they take a bait they’re fair game in my opinion!