Thursday 16 November 2023

TK Minn

TC was going shopping to the maxx and somehow I was roped in - but the river was a twenty minute walk away - could I leave her shopping and snag a barbel? So while she was off touching every item of clothing in the shop (twice) I raced to the riverbank...

Aware that the phone call to stop fishing could come at any moment I had a quick roll in every likely looking spot (pausing briefly to photograph a November butterfly). Just one bite - but it was all I needed - an excellent shopping trip!!

Saturday 11 November 2023


One thing or another has kept me off the riverbank for nearly three weeks - including missing a 3 day trip to The Wye & Severn with James. Not enough time to go pike fishing, but I managed to squeeze a quick fishing-fix on the Small River in - a couple of hours, four barbel banked - a bend in the rod and a smile on my face!