Monday 18 September 2023

Bonnet Head

Back to the beach - a different island - dirty water and a falling tide. A shark first cast - great start! Over the course of the afternoon we landed seven sharks including a bonnet head - a new species to me. I'll let the photos do the talking - another day in fishing paradise!

First cast - first lemon shark of the afternoon.

Lemon shark - 5'4"

Fine tooth shark.

Paulos catching bait - nice throw!

Pibb Xtra - king of refreshments.

Bonnet head shark - a new shark species to me.

Head shot - the smallest of the hammerhead sharks.

A new PB whiting - not much fight on a shark rod!

Last lemon shark of the day as the sun was disappearing.


  1. Replies
    1. It’s fantastic, great beaches, wildlife and… Sharks!

  2. Apart from the choice of beverage, a great day.

    1. Can’t beat a nice cold Pibb on a warm beach!!