Tuesday 29 May 2012

Jack's Pike: Book 2

Jack's Back!

Jack and Bob's fishing adventure continues and this time they are not
messing about! Join them in search of the elusive pike. Along the way
meet some loud-mouth seagulls and find out how Jack's caveman
ancestors fared against the saber-toothed pike! The quest for the
dream pike continues...

Featuring story arcs, seagulls and silliness...

Available through Lulu
Black & White - Just £4.99 +p&p
Glorious Colour - £12.99 +p&p

• Comic strips 101 - 200
• A definitive list of generic excuses (there are 4)
• A trip to Chew Valley (for Jack & Bob, not you)
• How fishermen really use the internet
• Jack's top tips
• Cavemen!


What top fishermen have said:

"How did you get this number?"
John Wilson

"Well... It's better than the first book..."
Bunny Jackson (Local tramp, went fishing once)

"Stop phoning me!"
John Wilson

John Wilson

"No, I won't give you Matt Hayes' phone number"
John Wilson


And volume one is still available from Lulu
Book 1 - Black & White version - Just £4.99 +p&p
Book 1 - Colour version - £12.99 +p&p

Wednesday 23 May 2012

Fish Spotting

A beautiful day here so I couldn't resist skiving off work for a couple of hours fish spotting. And as usual in the closed season there was lots to see.

I saw a few carp & barbel, shoals of roach and chub and I saw a big group of spawning gudgeon. In a few weeks they will all go into hiding, but they can't get out, I'll know they're there - somewhere.

I saw the woodpeckers and watched the kingfishers fishing - kingfishers have a great knack of sitting perfectly still while you focus the camera, then darting off as you press the shutter - lots of photos of blue streaks!

But I did manage a few photos of a parakeet, another bird species that won't sit still long enough for a photo, this one stayed still while I walked around him to get the old tree as the background.

24 days to go...

Thursday 17 May 2012

Photos From The Riverbank 2

Black Headed Gull overlooking Lake Windermere.

Camouflage toad.

Egyptian goose (gosling).

Mum fox (taken in my garden).

Cub and dad fox (garden).

Cubs playing (garden).

Mallard before he tried to bite the camera.

Blurry tail...

Extreme close up!

Teasels. Something I didn't need to sneak up on!