Wednesday 29 June 2022

More Wandering

Another day spent wandering the riverbank in the summer sunshine - a much more civilised 32k steps (15 miles) on the Fitbit. And 16 barbel, 9 chub, a carp and a minnow landed. The highlight being the 5lb 3oz chub (above) - like to meet her again in peak condition!

I have been very lucky being able to get out after surgery and inbetween a load of hospital visits so far - Three sessions; 34 barbel, 19 chub, 4 carp, 4 trout, 2 gudgeon and a minnow...

But... unfortunately the surgery wasn't a complete success and cancer cells still remain - bummer! The next step is radiotheraph combined with chemotheraphy - I was expecting radio but hoping to avoid chemo as it makes you so ill. My radiotheraphy mask (below).

I haven't got the start date yet, but it'll be about two weeks, so hopefully I'll fit a few more fishing trips in before hand. And once treatment starts I'll just have to see how I feel...

Meadow Brown Marbled White
Large Skipper Ringlet

Wednesday 22 June 2022

Smell The Fish

The mission to land a fish on the opening morning was a bit of a rush - I'm really glad the opportunity to fish presented itself. I managed four hours and caught 10 small barbel and 2 small carp on surface fished bread - great result! Then home, shower and hospital.

I had a bit more time today, not only to go fishing but time to smell the roses. Time to faff, time to enjoy, time to watch and wander. In fact I randomly picked the longest day of the year - so an early start - on the river for first light and off as it got dark!

Traveling light, just a bag of bread for bait and let's see where the day would take me. Doesn't matter if I get distracted by butterflies (loads of Painted Ladies). I wandered most of the length of the river - had a look at what's new - oh, and caught some fish!

Eight barbel, 4 brown trout...

Another little common carp, a roach...

Ten chub - almost all of which were damaged from spawning...

And 2 gudgeon - now it's a party!!

A celebratory Coca-Cola (not allowed beer). A fantastic day with over 50k steps (24 miles) on my Fitbit. I'll definately be taking myself off for a random fishing wander a few more times over the summer, although not always as far. Just what the Doctor ordered!

Red Letter Days
Oh, and, I have created a new page that links to some of the blog's Red Letter Days, putting them all in one place. I'm still adding to it, I've had some cracking days since I started the blog!

Thursday 16 June 2022

Ten Days Later…

Monday 6 June 2022, 22:26 - Over 8 hours of surgery and off my tits on Morphine - I don't really remember taking this photo! Five more days in hospital before released home to continue my recovery...

Thursday 16 June 2022, 05:31 - Currently taking 28 pills, plus 8 potions a day, very difficult to speak or eat, and f**k I move slowly! But back on the riverbank (briefly) - going the right direction...

Fishing - An early start and I managed 4 hours on the riverbank - landing 10 small barbel and two small carp - all on floating crust. A fantastic morning - before heading back to the hospital...

Saturday 4 June 2022

Flight Night ‘22

When you walk 6 miles looking for them and you get home and one lands by your door! (For the records: First sighting 3 June 2022).

Wednesday 1 June 2022

Pre-Op CAT

Far too long without wetting a line - so me, James & Richard headed for 36 hours fishing for cats. Charlie's Lake in Ashford was the destination and hopes were high after our last visit two years ago.

The conditions were far from ideal in the relentless bright sunshine, but the traps were set and we sat back and enjoyed the surroundings, bankside fry-ups and generally having a laugh!

The cats were sunbathing out in the open water and we were camped out in a shallow bay - but some did eventually come in - tempted by the free samples. Peace was shattered by the odd screaming run...

James was first into the action, followed by me and eventually Richard (who was suffering from heatstroke). James and Richard even fished on through the night - while I was lazy and slept in the car!

33lb 5oz - New personal best!

29lb 0oz - Not difficult to tempt, but then the fun starts...

25lb 1oz - These things really do fight!

25lb 0oz - Four over 25lb.

18lb 5oz - Plus cats of 17lb 7oz, 17lb 5oz & 13lb 14oz

A slow start but a great trip was had by all. Eight cats for me, Richard ended up with 6 cats to 23lb 14oz (after recovering from heatstroke) and James had 10 to 28lb 6oz - but I'll leave that to his blog...

Right, surgery on Monday, some of which will be carried out by a robot - which is pretty cool. And thanks for all the comments and the best wishes on the previous post. *Superb photography by James.