Thursday 2 March 2017

Spring Sprung?

Beautiful day, far too nice to be sat in front of a monitor so I made my escape, I headed to the river, the plan was to take the stick 'n' pin for a walk and put some miles on my new fishing boots.

I found minnows where I hadn't seen them before, looks like they're getting ready to spawn - I'm really hoping to catch a male in full spawning colours before the season ends.

I found a shoal of roach, might have to come back with a keepnet - see if I can bag a few without spooking them. A 2.2oz gudgeon that I managed to drop back without a photo.

And I found barbel; about 2¾lb (pictured), 7lb 7oz, 6lb 10oz and 4lb 9oz. And watched lots more ignore my bait - as well as watching carp that weren't getting fooled.

In fact I spent more time fish watching than fishing, and explored a lot of river wandering back and forth. My Fitbit says I walked 30.8km today (19 miles) and my legs think it's more!

Right, what's The Wye doing? Rising?!? WTF?


  1. Replies
    1. Yeah, one I'll look back on in the closed season. It's not all about big fish, it's just great to be on the river.

  2. A great day, well worth the aching legs.

    1. Definitely. I'm surprised just how far I walk when I'm fishing - and people think fishing is a lazy hobby!