Tuesday 28 February 2017

Final Push

Only two weeks left so I headed out into the rain to find a few barbel, apart from a few trips recently I haven't really targeted barbel this season - and I'll miss them when It closes.

A couple of wet hours (and wet feet, I've ripped my fishing boots). But barbel don't mind the rain, I had four; 5lb 14oz (top photo), 8lb 8oz, 6lb 10oz and a splasher about 1lb. Job done.

I'd really like a few more pike this season, I've only caught ten - and one of those was on luncheon meat! I had planned a long weekend on The Wye in March, but the water levels are all over the place.

We've had a really dry winter and I was taking it for granted I'd get a few more days River Wye fishing - monitoring the levels, bags backed and fingers crossed...

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