Tuesday 21 March 2017

Specimen Challenge 2016/17

Bream 10lb 9oz (47%) - Previously 5lb 3oz (22%) *Upped twice.

The challenge last season was to improve my rather average Personal Best list. The aim was to improve on 10 of them and although it would mean less fish than the accumulative targets of previous seasons, and even a few dreaded blanks, I was hoping I'd be sat here now looking at some impressive photos of some of my less targeted fish.

I didn't manage ten but upped six (including banishing my bream curse). And added a new one with a monster minnow - seven new PBs, not bad for a old piker - I'll take it!

Minnow 18 grams (75%) - New entry.

Grayling 2lb 11oz (63%) - Previously 2lb 1oz 8dr (48%)

Roach 1lb 15oz (46%) - Previously 1lb 12oz (41%) *Upped twice.

Dace 11oz 4dr (53%) - Previously 10oz 4dr (47%)

Chub 6lb 12oz (72%) - Previously 5lb 2oz (55%) *Upped twice.

Rudd 1lb 10oz (35%) - Previously 1lb 1oz (22%)

Barbel12lb 4oz21lb 1oz58%
Bream 10lb 9oz 22lb 11oz47%
Carp 20lb 2oz67lb 8oz29%
Crucian2lb 9oz 4lb 10oz55%
Chub6lb 12oz9lb 5oz72%
Dace11oz 4dr1lb 5oz 2dr53%
Eel2lb 11oz11lb 2oz24%
Gudgeon0lb 2oz 11dr0lb 5oz54%
Minnow18 grams 24 grams 75%
Perch2lb 4oz6lb 3oz36%
Pike25lb 4oz46lb 13oz53%
Roach1lb 15oz4lb 4oz46%
Rudd1lb 10oz4lb 10oz35%
Ruffe0lb 2oz0lb 5oz40%
Tench6lb 4oz15lb 3oz41%
Zander 9lb 1oz21lb 5oz42%
Grayling2lb 11oz4lb 4oz63%

Added to the PB list, which now shows the softer targets. I think the next step would be to get everything over 40% of the record; carp 27lb, eel 4½lb, perch 2¾lb and rudd 2lb.

Not sure about the eel but I'll extend the challenge into next season, targeting the rudd and carp during the summer and hopefully bag a nice perch with a more extensive pike fishing campaign this autumn.


  1. Some very impressive beasts there Brian; great going! I'd happily take the bream on its own.

    1. Cheers Russell, was delighted with the bream as I've struggled to catch them in the past (and been told they're soooo easy) - great to stalk out a chalk stream double.

  2. Keeping yourself motivated to up pb's is always a positive angling attitude. Of course, each success just makes the next season harder but that's the fun of it. Good luck.

    1. Yeah, the list is getting more tricky - but the percentage shows the easier targets. A few to aim at in the summer - then I fancy a few predators in the autumn and winter...

  3. You did well Brian ! Every season is different. My summer was slow going for the most part but the Autumn and winter were a lot better. 6 PB's is good going by anyones standard. Your river bream & grayling are worthy of anyones PB list inc mine.

    1. Cheers Martin. I had a tricky start to the season but it got better as it went along - in part due to learning more about the new rivers I was fishing. Delighted with the river bream, next target is a river 27+ carp...