Tuesday 14 March 2017

Felina 16/17

The sun has set on another season (I took the photo above through the lens of my sunglasses). Another fantastic season at that, with some brilliant fish, exploring new locations and improving my PB list.

There was one target that I had planned on giving another shot if I found time - rudd. Me and James were on the water at sunrise, motoring across The Fens in James' boat. The weather had turned against us, cold, strong winds - we struggled.

It was hard work but after a couple of small rudd I hit one that pulled back, a new PB of 1lb 10oz - plenty of room for improvement - but a great result on the final trip! And the 2016/17 season was in the bag!

And James, he hit something completely unexpected - but I'll leave that to his blog...


  1. Hi Brian,

    There is a new blogger's challenge in the pipeline - start date 1st May 2017.

    Please see this page on my blog for details and ask any questions on there, for the benefit of all.


    Hope you're keeping well.