Thursday 21 July 2011

Untapped Water

With the barbel starting to wise up to us fishermen Dan and myself decided to look for some unfished water. This is a problem, as it's such a small river, everywhere gets fished. Dan had the idea of finding a spot that looked like it didn't hold fish, hoping that most fishermen would simply walk straight past.

We found such a spot, about 3-6 inches deep and in the daytime you can see there are no fish there, added to that it's tricky to present a bait well and we had to work out how we were going to net a fish should we hook one.

Well it worked! 1lb 14oz to me before Dan had a 2lb barbel followed by a 1lb 5oz one. We then wrapped things up with an eel each, both over a pound. And I'm hoping there are bigger fish there.

It has really made me think where we can find fish in the future...


  1. You and Dan have come up with a good TacTic fishing where there are no fish during the day and catching them there of a night, Spot on Guys,
    As for the Eel shortage well i havent seen as many for years so maybe they are making a come back,
    Well done Brian and Dan you deserve it,

  2. Nice one. Good thinking on trying somewhere new..I do the Wandle Trust clean ups in waders and you can be in two foot of water, then it goes almost over your head. And there is a fair amount of water - barbel in the river right up to Shepley Mill...

    Jason Hill