Sunday 3 July 2011


...Back down to Earth. Well after the nine pounder I've just had two blanks. Friday myself and Dan fished for 5 hours without a bite. Yesterday myself, Dan and Darren fished for 10 hours for one lost fish, Darren lost a cracking chub. That's a combination of 40 rod hours, and shows what a fickle river the Wandte is.

The good news is we explored a lot of new water and saw a lot of fish. 10-15 barbel and lots of big chub. And one of the barbel spotted could only be described as a lump. Perhaps the legendary Wandte fifteen pounder is real!


  1. yes it was disapointing,but thats all part of fishing and sometimes you have to take the rough with the smooth.on the upside we did find some holding spots for chubb and barbel and i cant wait to get back out there next time.tight lines

  2. I had a great day, finding the fish is the hardest part of fishing and we've nailed down some great, out-of-the-way, pegs. It was a shame your chub found that snag, it would have made a great photo for this post - but hey, we'll get him next time.

    And that barbel, we've got to get it, don't care who lands it (hopefully one of us three). Can't wait...

  3. You will have another go no doubt, And i can be a fortune teller for all of you, If like you are, You put in the ground work, The payment may be slow in coming forward but it will happen, And when it does make sure the bail arm is open,
    Good luck,
    Just thought you could open another page and call yourselves
    "The Three MustGetBeers" Just joking haha
    Tight Lines,