Saturday 23 July 2011

In Search Of A Perch

A quick afternoon session on the Thames after a perch. It was bright, too bright really, so I fished under trees and against man-made features. It was rubber V's plastic...

Rubber first, nil fish...

Half time!

Then plastic, nil fish...

Conclusion: Need to dig up some worms and/or get a weir permit!


  1. Haha half time was a RESULT haha
    Lets be honest, Just being out there enjoying your time trying your Luck,
    Enjoying a long COOL Pint,
    No Fish, No Matter, You can go again,
    Now thats the way to do it,

  2. Nice scissors, I'll be over to lose those for you at Christmas.

  3. unlucky, looked like a nice swim as well.