Saturday 16 July 2011

Not Going Fishing

I spent all morning not going fishing, and some of the afternoon, but then I fell off the wagon and went fishing.

Dan had been there for a couple of hours without a bite when I arrived, he was targeting chub, I was after a roach. No sooner had I cast out when Dan shouted he'd got one, a 3lb 1oz chub (above). It was nice to take a photo in daylight! I then lost a chub before we sat there for the rest of the afternoon for a few little rattly bites and no more fish. We even managed to tear ourselves away to the pub before closing!

So that's everyday this week I've been fishing, I should go today and tomorrow to make a full fishing week - if the rain stops later I might just do it!


  1. after an insperational talk from micky down thepub i watched several episodes of the sweeney and minder and the long good friday iwas back

  2. What are you two like, Dan waited till you got there to catch his Chubb, Then back again after a couple of Pints, Weather was given as being heavy shower today so not the best of times to go fishing, Bet you both enjoyed your pint haha,