Monday 18 July 2011

Bits And Pieces

Pike Blog V's Science

While recording our progress as we try to catch 100lb of Wandte barbel, I have inadvertently been doing a study, the ongoing results (just over half way) can be found here.

The River Wye

A double (estimated).

While we have been struggling to find the bigger fish, Roger has been into them on the River Wye. Just a few photos.

Barbel 7lb 3oz

Barbel 9lb

Chub 4lb 4oz

Week On The Wandte
Monday 7pm-12am Barbel 5lb 9oz
Tuesday 7pm-12am Barbel 6lb 11oz
Wednesday 8pm-12am Blank
Thursday 9pm-1am Blank (Dan: Chub 3lb 1oz)
Friday 5pm-9pm Blank
Saturday 9pm-1am 12oz (Dan: 12oz, 1lb, 8oz, 3lb 8oz)
Sunday 4pm-7pm Blank

One Of Those Days - Update

Phil hasn't managed to get the video of me wading about in my boxers looking for the landing net off his new phone, but here is a still. This is before I found the deeper water! Original blog post here.

The Blogger Strikes Back
Far from being put off I've made a second blog, although this one is only going to last for a month. When I'm not working or fishing or sleeping I do other stuff. Like annoying my flatmate. I wonder if he's reading this?


  1. What are you doing reading this? Shouldn't you be having a BBQ or hunting kangaroos or something?