Wednesday 13 July 2011

The Blogger

All the guys I normally go fishing with were previously engaged this evening so I hit the river on my own. I do like having company, someone to have a laugh with while waiting for a bite, a net-man, a photographer - but sometimes it's nice to be by myself.

I arrived before six and walked along baiting up a few swims and taking a few photos, I thought it would be nice to have a non-fish photo or two. I then settled into a chuby looking spot to have a blast for a big chub while waiting for the light to fade... I had a few bites but I'd need a quivertip and reactions of a racing-slug to hit them.

As darkness fell I headed off to my first pre-baited swim, action was slow as I gradually moved up the river from swim to swim with only the odd tap here and there.

I fished the second to last swim and was about 10 seconds from moving before the rod hammered round. A great fight and a 6lb 11oz barbel. I needed a photographer, I did a self-take in the dark but it really was rubbish, next time I'll photograph them in the net.

With the water well and truly thrashed I moved to the last swim. Cracking bite first cast, and I hooked and landed a sock... Time for home.


And I would say hello to the fisherman I met, we had a nice chat before "Oh. You're THE blogger... I disagree with all that...". So I presume he's not reading this, it was nice to meet him anyway...

Just think where publications like The Angling Times or people like Matt Hayes and Co could be if people liked to read about fishing?

Seriously though, I don't mention stretches of river, swims and I even deliberately misspell Wandte so Google doesn't pick it up - I can't see the harm in blogging. The original idea of Pike Blog and Shark Blog was so my brother and I could see how each other were doing, fishing-wise, from opposite sides of the world.


So at the half way point the barbel challenge looks like this:

Total weight:54lb 13oz
Number of fish:24
Average size:2lb 4oz
Biggest barbel:9lb 12oz
5lb plus:3
Total sessions:14

It is mostly small barbel, they are averaging just over 2lb. But now we're going to focus on trying to find some bigger barbel, we're aiming for ten 5lb+ fish to complete the challenge (and I'd love to see a double!). I'm also going to start targeting the Wandte chub and roach, and start exploring the Thames.


  1. Some very nice looking fish Brian,the Wandle really is looking nice.

    Regarding blogging,yes there is a lot of anglers out there,that disagree with it,which is fine,but I see no harm in it and in my opinon the angling community is in many ways enriched by blogging,I for one gain great joy from reading everyones angling tales and ups and downs,as much as I do in sharing my own.

    Keep up the good work and heres to many more Barbus gracing your net.

    kind regards


  2. Oh no not 'THE BLOGGER"!!!
    I know for a fact you've been called a lot worse than that!!! Ha Ha
    I'm with Mark, if I'm not fishing I'm reading about fishing or making rigs or checking tides. Obsession is healthy, sometimes.

  3. Nice one. I'm out tonight near Plough Lane to kick off my, er, Wandke campaign, so will keep an eye out. I saw my first barbel here whilst writing an article for IYCF back in 2005. Good luck!

  4. Ah THE COMMENTERS, you're just encouraging me!

    Cheers guys. But don't say P***** L***, you'll get me shot!


    Well, ended up somewhere else and had this cracker just under 8lb on Dynamite Shrimp boilies. Not a knock on pellets.

    Good to say 'hello'....


  6. Nice one. I didn't get a knock on pellets or meat all night (fished 'til 1am) at least someone is catching.

    Good to meet you to Jason...

  7. Brian dont let these people put you off Blogging, Its only there oppinion, It would be good to convert them and show them what blogging has done to help everyone but mainly the younger generation {That i am part of haha}
    Them that dont agree will still read your Blog so they know whats going on with the rivers and the fishing,
    He should have arrived just as you needed your picture taking haha,
    Nice Fish by the way,

  8. can you give me an email back on [email protected] please?
    cheers Kieron

  9. Paddy, I'm not going to get put off blogging, although everyone is entitled to their opinion I'm not out to convert anyone. I'd write this blog if I was the only one reading it!

    Kieron, I've sent you an email (in the hope you and Fishtec are going to send me free stuff).