Thursday 7 July 2011

One Of THOSE Days!

As I sit here I'm not sure how to describe it... My afternoon meeting overran, then I had a power cut in my office - so I decided to join Dan & Phil fishing. We fished from 6pm to 9pm.
  • Turn up
  • Loose my kit first cast
  • Loose my kit second cast
  • Loads of weed make fishing impossible
  • Loose kit again
  • Dan gets a barbel, I net it (1lb)
  • Can't get the camera to work
  • Dan gets second barbel
  • I go to net it, netpole breaks, net floats away
  • Dan falls in!
  • Phil nets barbel for wet Dan (1lb 8oz)
  • Dan puts on big (barbed) hook and trawls for net
  • Once hooked he pulls it into the side
  • I go to grab it, hook transfers from net to my hand
  • Net washes away. F**kin' b**** f***** t***
  • Rip hook from my hand, by now I'm p***** *** (and a bit bloody)
  • Can see net in the shallow water just downstream
  • Strip to boxers and Dan's (already wet) shoes and wade in...
  • It's not that shallow!
  • Pick up net, turns out to be a chair frame covered in weed
  • For f**** ***** b***** **** c***** *****'s sake!
  • Search about for submerged net
  • Now have an audience, including "what's that man doing daddy?"
  • Wade back, dry off and head to a friend's leaving do
  • M*** ***** the ******** *******!!
2lb 8oz on the barbel challenge... Well done Dan. Phil filmed some of this, including the episode with me wading about - as soon as he puts in on YouTube I'll link to it here. [Edit: No, we weren't drunk!]


  1. Lo Brian,

    one of those days, remember getting a wet shoe myself,


  2. ps did warn you about the handle

  3. The handle was a piece of crap, the net was good though. At least this way it's gunna make me replace it. Your wet shoe day is my best Wandle day!

  4. Oh my god, I thought this cr@p only happend to me, You will laugh about it in another 30 years, Until then though nobody will let you forget it,
    Sorry im'e giggling,

  5. Liking you Paddy!


  6. I'm laughing about it now, but you're right it will take some time to live it down. I'm more worried that I haven't had a barbel for a week now!

  7. Haha dont worry about it brian, The Fishing is slow all over at the moment, The weather has been like April most of this month and in places the Fish are late spawning, Could be a hundred things that have changed the fishing, It will be right when its ready,
    Good Luck,

  8. Lol I've had plenty of days like that