Tuesday 12 July 2011

Christening The Net

I, like many anglers, think a virgin landing net is unlucky (we're a superstitious bunch). The first thing I did as soon as I reached the river was to dunk the net, and the next fish caught was going to be landed in it - even if it was a baby gudgeon!

Dan didn't have much time to fish tonight, we arrived at 7pm and he had to leave at 8.30, we concentrated on one peg. Dan fished meat, I fished halibut pellets. An hour and a half isn't long when you are fishing and the time disappeared in the blink of an eye. Just one half hearted bite to Dan, no fish.

Dan headed home, I headed a few hundred yards upstream to meet Darren. Darren was already fishing in two consecutive pegs and was kind enough to move one rod so that I could get in. He'd been fishing about an hour without a bite so I wasn't expecting instant results. But after about ten minutes I had a bite and connected to a good chub. Once it was nearly beat I mentioned to Darren that it hadn't taken long to christen the net - bump - the hook pulled!

We fished into the dark before I had another bite, one of those rod-ripping bites that barbel are great at. And after a short, powerful fight Darren swept it into the net. Net christened! The barbel went 5lb 9oz - fantastic!

We fished on for a couple of hours with only one or two little bites before Darren lost an eel. Darren left and I stopped off in a spot I'd pre-baited on my way to meet him, 20 bite-less minutes later I headed for home.

Job done.


  1. Well In Brian,
    And also well in on getting a fish into the new net, Glad to see the Barbel are teasing you, The barbel looks prety calm and in good nick,
    Well done,

  2. Unlucky net!
    Lucky hat!
    Throw the first baitfish back for luck!
    Well you certainly catch a good few fish so I guess there must be something to it.
    Oh yea, and you have a black cat, Hmmmm.
    All I've had this week was a root canal:(

  3. If I find a lucky penny while fishing I keep it in my pocket all season. I've got four in my pocket already (less than one month in). Why rely on skill when you can use blind luck?

    Was it a lucky root canal?

  4. Lucky I got it fixed today and not on the 19th as they scheduled me. I was contemplating cutting my head off to relieve the pain. Nightmare.
    Nice Barbel, hows the WYE fishing?

  5. Lucky!

    Rog says the Wye is good, he's getting some nice barbel - going to have to give it a blast soon (yeah, yeah, I'll take some surface plugs for pike as well).

    Dyl & Jess just had a baby so I'm popping back to see it/him/her in the next couple of weeks - I'm sure there'll be time to fit some fishing in!

  6. BTW: you always throw the first baitfish back

  7. Lucky I got it fixed today and not on the 19th as they scheduled me. I was contemplating cutting my head off to relieve the pain. Nightmare.
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