Friday 15 July 2011


Finished work late and fished from 9pm until 1am without a bite, it's not an easy river and I think the barbel are wising up to us fishermen, most of the guys I've spoken to on the bank this week have been struggling. Perhaps it's time to refine the techniques and try some new baits.

My plan to fish every night this week (while my girlfriend is away) looks like this:

Monday 7pm-12am Barbel 5lb 9oz
Tuesday 7pm-12am Barbel 6lb 11oz
Wednesday 8pm-12am Blank (not a bite)
Thursday 9pm-1am Blank (not a bite)
Friday I’m going to the pub!!

And a quick hello to Jason, who recognised me from the blog, and who bucked the trend and landed a nice fish this evening - post below.

[Edit: I was going to write this last night but I was too tired...

One of the joys of fishing late on the Wandte is the night bus journey home, there is always a gang of 3-5 kids, drunk, playing music, shouting and doing their best to be intimidating on the top deck every night. And last night was no exception.

I was sat on the top deck doing my best to ignore them (don't know why I don't just sit downstairs) when one walked up and asked "do you smoke crack?" - "um, no" - "are you homeless?" - "no". I thought this was a strange exchange, then I realised I was wearing a wooly hat, scruffy old clothes, shoes that you could plough, had a bag and a beard - the classic homeless crack smokers outfit!

I attracted his attention, pointed at my fishing rod and explained that although I was disguised as a homeless crack smoker, I had in fact been fishing. The music was off and I was the center of attention.

The conversation among them went something like; "fishing f**kin' sucks" - "what a f**kin' waste of f**kin' time, you should be..." - "actually I used to go fishing with my dad" - "I used to go with my brother" - "did you catch anything?". We then sat there for the rest of the journey talking about fishing, pleasant journey all round. And I was, temporarily, part of a late-night South London bus gang!]


  1. Hahaha just saw that picture then i read the write-up, It just seemed you were lying on your back looking up and took the shot haha,
    The fishing score looks good but i'm liking friday haha,
    Hope you have a pint for me Brian,
    Cheers mate,

  2. I was going to change the photo to the one of the bus I'd intended to upload, but now you've mentioned it I can't!

    Top tip: Don't write your blog when you're too tired to see straight. Or perhaps I'll try and start a trend where the photos have no relevance to the text!

  3. I thought it was the view that most crack heads wake up to.

  4. Crack Blog. Give a crack head a camera and blog what he sees when he wakes up.

    Day 1, sold the camera, bought some crack...

  5. yeah your right I often cringe when I read the babble I've writen up the night before in the early hours straight after a session. I've even fell asleep at the laptop before now !