Saturday 26 February 2011

The Wye - Spinning!

I spent the morning spinning, and by lunch time I was really rather dizzy.

Another early start on the Wye as I was determined to take advantage of the clear water and do some plug fishing, by lunch time I had tried nearly every plug in the box, a couple of shad and even some old Abu spoons, for one pike about 4lb. Taken on a small, silver mini-S-plug, the same one that caught yesterday.

Roger continued using dead baits and caught a pike about 5lb on a ledgered sprat. I've a new respect for sprats as dead baits - I only used to use them when I'd run out of everything else. I swapped over to a float fished sprat and we peg-hopped for a few hours, but no runs...

As the light was fading I swapped back to plug fishing, and fished until dark without a take - they just weren't feeding today - and I have a horrible feeling the river is rising...

Again no photos, no USB thing, sorry. Photos added!

1 comment:

  1. You guys are addicts, Here is a tip you may allready know "Use a single treble with sprats and hook them through the gill plate, Then split the tail to about half an inch up" You have both done well again, Thought you may have had more Fish with the Lures,
    Well done guys,