Saturday 5 February 2011

Opening The Account!

With only just over 5 weeks left of the season I was desperate to get a pike on the board. So today I headed to the River Wye. The Wye has been low and clear for a couple of weeks so I intended to do some lure fishing... But the weather was against me once more, I arrived to rain, gales and an extra 3 foot of dirty water... Dead baits it was then...

First pike of the season... 14lb 6oz

I float fished joey mackerel, Roger opted for float fished sprats. I was first into the action after trying a couple swims when I had a run about 2 foot out, resulting in the 14lb 6oz pike above... What a relief to get one on the bank!

Another double... 13lb 12oz

After a couple of hours and several miles of walking Roger dropped his sprat dead bait into a slack, again only a couple of foot from the bank, and was rewarded with a 13lb 12oz pike (above) and the next cast with the 11lb 8oz (below) - both banked within five minutes of each other.

Five minutes later... 11lb 8oz

We fished on for several more hours but the wind was making things impossible and with no more runs we headed for home about four. Not too bad, three doubles, perhaps try again tomorrow...


  1. Yeeee Haaaaa well happy for you Brian a great fish to open your account with, I would keep an eye on Roger and use what ever he does, You both had a great day with the Pike, Lets see you and Roger for that matter with a couple of 20s before the end of the season,
    Great fishing guys,

  2. Finally!!! Well done to you both, now I'm well and truly Jealous. Rog's 13Lb'er is a beautifully marked fish with all those stripes. I'll look forward to your next post.

  3. The 13 pounder was one of the nicest marked Wye pike I've seen, hence the slightly weired angle of the photo. The 11 pounder was almost silver. It was a shame it flooded, really wanted to add another ten or twenty pike to the scoreboard (and possibly a twenty pounder!). Must try and fit another session or two in before the end of the season...