Friday 11 February 2011

Jack's Pike #18

I spent the day on the Thames on Wednesday without a run on the pike kit and not a bite on the feeder kit. Yesterday Roger spent the day piking on the Wye for one run, a low double lost at the net... I think I need to dig out my lucky fishing hat...

Edit: Friday, 19:07
And I couldn't resist the last hour of light/first hour of dark after a Wandte roach... This time using worm hook bait, resulting in 3 giant gudgeon and this 3lb 3oz chub. I saw roach here in the summer - not sure if they've moved or the chub are spooking them - but I'll settle for a chub (even if the photo is out of focus).

And I've just remembered.
When I made this blog (back in July 2009) I decided to make myself a t-shirt, so I uploaded the logo to Cafe Press. Anyway I didn't order one and forgot all about it, I just remembered and had a look, they've been selling really well. I haven't made a penny out of it but I'm sure someone has!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Brian, I think Eddie who i fish with has a lucky hat the jammy sod haha, The picture might be out of focus but we can all see just how good a fish it is, By the way, Did you know that the gudgion is a great Pike bait ?