Sunday 13 February 2011


On Friday night while on the Wandte I saw a shoal of carp, about 5-10 of them with the biggest appearing to we well into double figures. They didn't seem interested in my bait so I gave them half a tin of luncheon meat and decided to return for them another day.

Yesterday we went to see if they'd play. We started off about a mile from the swim and tried every lightly looking spot, Dan using meat and I was using maggots but nothing showed. We arrived at the carp spot shortly before dark and both squeezed into he same swim. We both fished meat and we soon started getting knocks.

It was about an hour before I connected with what felt like a very good fish, it shot down the swim and was too much for my 5lb line - there isn't enough room to play a fish that has a serious weight advantage - stronger kit next time. About and hour later Dan had a good bite and connected to the chub above, it went exactly 4lb a new personal best... So we headed for the pub and a celebratory pint. We'll get those carp next time...


  1. Unlucky Brian, Just to heavy to catch, I can see you getting that big Carp soon, And Dan that is a great Fish and well done on your new PB, Bet Brian baught all the ale hahaha,

  2. Nice chub! Looks like the shark in Jaws 2! Have there been any speedboats reported missing on the Wandle?!!!!!!!!!!!!!