Tuesday 8 February 2011

Live And Learn

Well, looking at the weather station the River Wye looks fishable... Perhaps I shouldn't have cut the trip short, I should have concentrated on catching live bait in the flood and gone after the pike today. Still, you live and learn!

To console myself I popped down to the Wandte and fished the first hour of darkness after some roach. Unfortunately the roach didn't show, but I did catch a dace and a 2lb 12oz chub (which I convinced myself was a big roach in the dark, it only turned into a chub in the net).


  1. Fish transmogrification is a bugger to all of us!?

    Yes! A 3lb perch! Result. Oh, look, it's just turned into a zander??

  2. Thats a nice Fish Beian,
    It could be anything you want it to be as its well worth catching,