Sunday 6 February 2011

Guess What?

Bugger! The water was dropping back last night and I thought today was going to be the day... But there are severe weather warnings in Wales, the river is rising very rapidly and it's blowing a gale... Still we gave it five, fish-less hours...

Edit: Sunday, 6 February, 16:48

After dropping off the pike kit and having a cup of tea and a bit of lunch, I popped down to the rapidly flooding brook for a couple of hours. I fished bread on the ledger (well, light lure rod) and had 12-15 chublets to about a pound - saved a blank...


  1. Now thats what i call Fishing,What a good do catching all those chubb on a day that looked like you would'nt catch,
    Well done,

  2. Thats one heck of a flood, it washed a mackerel all the way from the Gower onto that FLOOD sign! Shame about the water rising. Nice Chub though. Still jealous!

  3. Just checked the weather station and all that extra water is dropping off nicely... Should have stayed for a couple more days... Luck hasn't been on my side this season...