Friday 15 October 2010

New Shark Species

A small Atlantic sharpnose shark!

Quick morning trip to Jekyll Island this morning and a few new species. Using the gear for big sharks I had a small fine tooth shark, followed a small Atlantic sharpnose shark. Next up was a clearnose skate before the lighter red drum rod arched over - a heavy fish pulled away and after a great game of tug-o-war I landed a big stingray, about 70-75lb. Sweet!

A small fine tooth shark.

Clearnose skate... A bit spiky to hold for a photo.

Stingray about 70-75lb.

The stingray didn't want to meet me!

Meanwhile, back in England, Dan has taken the lead in the biggest Wandle barbel competition with this 2lb 8oz fish...


  1. Great fishing that mate, The stingray is a monster, Must have faught like a goodun,
    Well in Brian,

  2. Hey Paddy, the stingray really felt like a tug-o-war, I've added a photo of the fight. I have pretty limited computer time but I've had a quick look at your blog... glad you guys are getting into the pike. Brian