Thursday 7 October 2010

Paulos' Shark Rig

1. 30lb main line
2. 60lb shock leader (20')
3. 100lb coastlock snap swivel (for ledger)
4. Bead
5. 175lb coastlock snap swivel
6. 175lb barrel swivel
7. Double crimp
8. 90lb nylon coated wire trace (18")
9. Double crimp
10. 8/0 circle hook

Freshly caught bait is best but frozen will do if fresh is unavailable. Mullet or ladyfish chunk are the standard baits (the head is best). Whatever baitfish are present work great - these include black sea bass, barracuda and fingerling mullet.


  1. I have done a lot of sea fishing over the years Brian, For almost everything that swims, The only sharks were Tope, But that is a whopper of a shark rig, And a hook you could hang your coat on LoL,
    Best regards,

  2. An 8/0 circle hook is an impressive and fearsome sight but all shark tackle is generally scary looking stuff!

  3. I think 30lb line is fair when you consider we were after fish approaching 200lb. They would (and did in several cases) crush a smaller hook. The diagram isn't to scale - it looks basically like a standard English beach cod fishing rig...