Sunday, 17 July 2011

The Plan

Excuse me Mrs Tiggy-Winkle can I borrow the landing net?

What is it called when you spend eight hours planning your fishing trip? In the pub? It's called drunk! Myself and Dan staggered down to the river just after dark, we had great plans, unfortunately we couldn't remember them - so we chucked out some luncheon meat and hoped for the best.

I had a bite first cast, or was it second cast? Hang on - I can't remember getting off the bus... Anyway 12oz barbel to kick things off. Followed by an eel. Dan then had a 12oz barbel (he was copying me), then a 1lb barbel, then a 8oz one.

Sobering up we moved to some shallow fast water, six inches deep and full of weed. Dan hit a fish pretty quickly, a great fight and a fantastic 3lb 8oz barbel - a new PB, delighted doesn't begin to describe it!

We were going to head home at this point but there was two bits of meat left so we had one last cast, while distracted my rod made a break for the river and I only just caught it - it felt like a big fish, but broke me off - don't drink and fish! It was time for home. Well done Dan, the run of bad luck has ended.

New personal best, 3lb 8oz


  1. Eight hours in a pub then leave a hook in a fish !
    Think you need to have a think why you go fishing mate

  2. Well done guys and spot on for Dan with a new PB, But i have to admit Mr/Mrs Anonymous has a piont, Not just about the fish and the hook but for your own personal safety,
    Take care cos we care,

  3. Barbless hook guys, gone before I wrote this. Personal safety wise, there was two of us, worst case one of us was going to get wet! And a new PB, totally worth it!

  4. That comment seems a bit nonchalant, we had been drinking but I played on that for the sake of telling a story. I did really remember getting off the bus, and I successfully tackled one of the most difficult tasks known to man - unhooking a bootlace eel. Perhaps a few drinks contributed to loosing the fish, although I don't think so, it's not the first fish I've lost and probably won't be the last. Although congratulations to Anonymous for having never lost a fish - what breaking strain line do you use?