Saturday 7 July 2018

Small River Fish 4

Flying ants and the stripy green invasion. Stick ‘n’ pin, half a pint of maggots, cheese and beetroot sandwiches and no particular plan - I’m really enjoying this small river species hunt...

First up was a wade about and a dip with the net in a spot that screamed ‘bullhead’ - they were there, in numbers and much bigger than I have previously seen - this is the spot to get one on bait!

And as a bonus I also found some sticklebacks, this one and her pals were also caught in the net, and added to the hunt but hopefully I’ll get one on rod and line while after the bullheads.

On the float it was a real mixed bag; brown trout, roach, chub, dace, minnows, gudgeon and perch. I can no longer call them ‘rare perch’ as I added eleven more today, from three shoals of fish...

I’ve banked 22 perch from the river already this season - compared to 3 perch in the previous eight seasons. I personally welcome the invasion, there is plenty for them to eat - and they’ll only grow!


  1. Cool little mix there, those Bullheads do look so prehistoric

    1. A mini, mini species hunt! Feeling more confident about getting a bullhead on rod and line now...

  2. A pregnant stickleback too. Be sure to put them back where you catch them - they nest.

    Still no loach? No there's your target species..... you may need a new rod. ;o)

    1. I put everything back where I found it, only had a couple of dips with the net - didn’t want to disturb it too much as I’ll be back with a rod and line. Hopefully a bullhead in the summer and a stickleback when they’ve finished spawning.

      No stoneloach yet, but I know where they hang out...