Friday 13 July 2018

Boilies #07

Koi Riddle
The following actually happened to me yesterday, it’s a funny old game. All of the following statements are true:
  • I hooked a koi carp.
  • I played and landed a koi carp.
  • I took a photo of the koi carp.
  • I didn't catch a koi carp.
How did I do that?

Answer on the next exciting instalment of Boilies, unless someone works it out and posts it in the comments - I'll say if you get it right.


  1. Foul hooked so doesn't count?

    It was all a dreeeeam?

    Someone else's rod?

    It's a koi- so nobody cares ?


    1. Not foul hooked.

      I only dream of pike or women with big boobs (and occasionally really f**ked up combinations of the two).

      I’d still have caught the fish on someone else’s rod.

      I want a koi for my species hunt!

  2. I know the answer, I shall't spoil it for anyone else looking to answer!

  3. Come on then - spill the beans.

    1. I was going to wait for the next Boilies, but that’s too far way, so here goes:

      * I hooked and lost a koi carp.

      * Went downstream and met an angler who’d hooked a fish and got it snagged, I held his rod while he waded in to free it.

      * I tried to hold it in the water while he waded back, but fearing I’d loose his fish I landed it (another koi).

      * I took a photo of him holding the fish on his phone.

  4. Oh that old story. That was my next guess :o)