Tuesday 24 July 2018

Koi Quest 1

Koi carp are pretty easy to spot in a gin-clear, shallow little river - as such they get a lot of baits chucked in their direction and have got wise to us anglers. Having hooked and lost two this season, they are not impossible, it was time to try and put one on the bank...

Floating crust was again the method of choice, and I set about wandering the riverbank trying to spot one. I had to force myself to ignore the little common carp as they’d spook the koi if hooked - but I couldn’t resist a couple of beautiful mirror carp!

I did spot a few koi, and got them nibbling the bread, but they wouldn’t commit - I’m going to have to experiment with hair-rigging the crust. As usual, about 8am the carp stopped feeding for the day - I’ll be back to try and tempt a koi soon...

On route home I stopped off at some fast shallow runs for a couple of chub off the surface - they don’t really seem to mind the strong sunlight. And it’s great to get them competing and watch them bow wave across the river and smash the bread crust!

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