Thursday 27 October 2016

Wire Cutter

Back to Florida for the afternoon and the water and weather conditions looked perfect for sharks - excitement levels were running high as we made the first long range casts...

But the first few hours produced only a bluefish (for bait) and a catfish to Paulos. We were really struggling fishing in the open surf, and had to drag ourselves away from what looked like an ideal spot...

We moved to an inlet and let some bluefish chunks soak, after about an hour one of the rods hooped over, another blacknose shark at 4" 4' a new PB for the species, they don't get much bigger...

Half an hour later the rod hooped round again, but this felt different - pure power - it hammered out to sea before the line went slack. The shark had bitten through the 210lb wire!!

Paulos said it was probably a tiger shark - would have liked to have seen one of those, but these things happen. And a 4" blacknose shark on the next cast partly made up for it.


  1. Not sure i'd go wading in those murky waters - i'll leave it up to you... !

    1. I wouldn't swim in it but fairly safe wading about in the daytime. It's those alligators at night that worry me, especially with a nine footer being spotted on the beach recently!