Friday 21 October 2016


Another day fishing in paradise. Except post hurricane paradise has become infected! Mosquitoes are everywhere, you have to be inside or within a couple of feet of the ocean in strong daylight to avoid them - you can't even read the paper on the porch or take your time walking to the car!

Fishing in the afternoon sun was great, and we landed a butterfly ray (new species), a 35' red drum (above), a 30' sharpnose shark, four small sandbar sharks and four little stingrays.

We even had a take on the heavy shark gear but despite an impressive first run the hook failed to find a hold.

Because the mosquitoes have been getting more and more active over the last week we were prepared - or so we thought.

Post hurricane land is full of pools of stagnant water and they have had chance to breed like mad, several locals said it's the worst they've ever seen...

Sunset was getting close and the little vampires were on the move. Despite the heat we were in hoodies and trousers - there were fish to catch and a bunch of bloody insects weren't going to stop us...

The air became still and the attack began, we stuck it out for 4-5 hours in the dark, but it was really unpleasant fishing - getting bitten hundreds of times.

The reason we stayed was the red drum were around, we landed 4 more of them to 41', including a beautiful orange fish to Roger. And we thought there might be a shark or two hanging about eating them. It was too much, at about 2am we made our retreat!

One more day and I'll have fished and blogged the whole week - need to find somewhere with a bit of wind tomorrow, hopefully keep the skeeters from landing...


  1. .
    Fishing With John, Episode2 - with Tom Waits


    2. I'll watch it when I get chance, presume they are getting attacked by hordes of skeeters!?

  2. Blasted you say the stagnant pools have given them the perfect opportunity to breed! Nice work on the Red Drums though, making the most of it!

    1. Worst in living memory apparently, they have trucks spitting out mosquito poison all around the populated areas - but no good for us, were fishing off the map.

      And the hundreds of bites each was no exaggeration, really suffering with bites now, really itchy...

      But not going to catch them sat at home...