Wednesday 19 October 2016

Tug Of War

We ventured out to a beach facing open water, it was rough and really muddy but Paulos and I thought we'd give it a try.

And a couple of hours later there was a gentle pull on one of the rods, I struck and all went solid. Then it ran, initially we both thought shark but then it went solid again - big stingray on 25lb line?

Paulos noted the time and wished me luck!

Fighting a stingray is really hard work, if you stop at all the fish will bury itself... Well 45 minutes of unrelenting, back breaking fight later she was in the shallows.

Paulos managed to grab her in the dirty water and dragged her up the beach, one angry monster of the deep. I was delighted, my biggest stingray by a long way.

And until now we've only caught species that are freshwater tolerant (reds, sandbars & lemon), perhaps the big sharks are on their way in - fingers crossed!

I also added a 38' red drum and a little eel (the hook wasn't in it but it didn't want to let go of the bait). We then fished on well into darkness with high hopes of a shark or two, but just one dropped run in three hours for our efforts.

No sharks tonight but conditions keep improving...


  1. Impressive stingray. No fears of getting stung?

    1. Very aware of that spike being whipped around. Not so bad on dry land when you can keep away from it but not so sure about grabbing them in dirty water - even Paulos was very careful.