Sunday 16 October 2016

Post Storm

First trip out in search of a post-hurricane shark and we began by exploring some recently reopened beaches, the wind was really strong and the sea was full of debris - but Paulos was still hopeful we would find a fish - and I hoped it would be a shark!

We found a sheltered section of beach and cast out some fresh mullet sections and an hour or so later a slow take on my rod and I connected to a sandbar shark, only a little one but a shark was on the beach - great stuff, where's there is one hopefully there will be more.

Over the next couple of hours me and Roger hooked up some hard fighting red rum, 40' above, 43' below and 41' bottom photo. All 20lb plus and an arm ache of a fight

Paulos then added another shark, a second little sandbar shark. With the little ones feeding we were hopeful we'll be able to find something a bit bigger. The tides are against us and the wind is howling at the moment, it's set to die down later in the week - and we'll be able to get to some more remote marks.

But a great start, as well as the fishing we also saw a lot of local nature including; dolphins, eagles, pelicans, spoon bills and even a manatee. Can't wait to get back out!


  1. Sweet!! glad to see you've managed some fish in what I suspect are tough conditions after the hurricane.

    1. They are tiding us over until we get the water and weather we need! Tough job but someone's got to do it :)