Thursday 6 November 2014


A couple of months ago while walking on the beach I found this block of stuff, something about the typeface appealed to me.

A bit of research later it turns out it's a block of rubber made from a rubber tree over 100 years ago in Indonesia. And was used in the early 20 century to make everything from teddy bear noses to diver's suits.

Several ships transporting it sank but one candidate was the Titanic, which was carrying a large consignment of it on it's fated voyage.

Pretty interesting.

Here it is when it was made (probably not the same block). Early 1900s.

And what did I do with this rather extraordinary find? Much to the dismay of a couple of beach combing websites I sent the photo to, I photographed it and left it on the beach, below the high tide mark. The sea has claimed it again...


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    1. Nice to find, had no idea what I'd found though... I'd have probably picked it up if I had known what it was and it's history - be keeping an eye out next time I'm on the beach.

  2. I think thats pretty cool. Also gives someone else the thrill of finding it.

    1. Who knows it might wash up on your beach next... Or spend another 100 years at sea..!

  3. its from a japanese shipwreck sunk in ww 2 everywhere in europe they wash up on the beaches

  4. its part of the cargo of a japanese ship sunk during ww 2 it washes up on beaches all over europe maybe you want to sell it to me my gmail is [email protected]
    tnx in advance