Saturday 8 November 2014

Static Weather?

Well the weather seems more November, I think summer finished last Saturday. A quick stalking mission this morning - hoping to relocate the double I lost last weekend.

I did see a number of barbel and rolled meat to them, but they all dashed over to the bait, sniffed it and drifted away. Perhaps now the temperature has dropped a static bait is the key.

I persevered and found one about 7lb and once I'd got him mopping up a few samples I rolled a bait down to him - just as it got to him I spotted a bigger one and ripped it out the way.

Rolling a bait to the bigger one it nailed it first time - brilliant, looked like a double. A fairly short fight in the shallow water and my prize was safely in the net.

The barbel had a massive head and was broad across the back but no depth at all, but 9lb 12oz, I'll settle for that! It will be a much bigger fish later in the season.

The plan was to hit the Thames this afternoon, in search of my five pound plus bream, but looking out at the dark storm clouds I think that will have to wait for next weekend!


  1. So it's raining, the wind is howling and a weather warning has just been issued - probably the right decision to leave it for today... Next weekend Mr Bream...

  2. Well Mr Roberts, that is the rabbit out the hat after last weekends disappointment in losing that double, well done and a beautiful looking specimen too!

    1. Cheers James. Very glad I landed it, not only a beautiful fish but if it had slipped the hook I would have been convinced it was a double!