Thursday 20 November 2014

Chasing Zeds 4

Another trip to Bury Hill, and I knew this day was coming, I've had a hell of a run, but no fish today - a blank! I knew chasing zeds wasn't going to be easy and conditions just didn't feel very zander...

But looking back through the blog, I've managed 21 consecutive trips without a blank - three months! In that run I've caught 37 barbel, 9 zander, 6 pike, as well as perch, chub, eels, trout and even a ruffe.

I'll settle for a run like that any season!

After getting lost and going on a long walk through the woods, Richard eventually joined me for the day and bucked the trend by catching the only two zander on the lake all day - proving it could be done - nice one!


  1. Can't win them all I guess. Looks a nice place to fish though.
    As my season over here winds down I find I am very envious of what the English winter may bring you. Fingers crossed this is the year the river doesn't suffer the Xmas curse and is actually fish able. Really want to see you with that 30+, Roger on net duty and his brand new American dog barking in a funny accent!

    1. It was a great run, hopefully this is just a glitch. Seems you've had a great season as well - wish I knew my passport would have only taken 3 days to arrive, could have done with a shark or two - next year.

      Lets hope the floods are minimal this year, really want to get on some river pike - got a bit distracted with the zeds, need to find a few pike now...

  2. And as a side note, because I tracked where I walked and TC's luggage scales were on the side:

    Total distance walked: 11.2 miles
    Weight of kit carried: 34lb (including bait & food)

    And people think fishing is a lazy sport!

  3. Its true, I routinely walk over 5 miles to fish and thats not including random spot moves or chasing bait.
    It would be great to get you back on the sharks next year.