Saturday 15 November 2014


Not the five pound bream I was after, but only the second one I've ever caught (or seen) - so delighted!

And a quick snap on the way home - love this time of year (until it floods).


  1. Replies
    1. Weirdly I was playing with the ultra light scales for my gudgeon mission this morning, wish I'd taken them with me!

    2. Well done with the "Ruffe-ion", lovely little fish aren't they.

  2. They're great, probably because they are rare. Guess it was about 1½ or 2oz, personal best number 6 of the season... A cracking season so far...

  3. Are they so rare as to be only found in a handful of venues or is it there are so few of them in most places that actually catching one is a long shot? Or possibly both?
    What's the current record?

    1. Only a few venues and pretty thin on the ground, I've only seen two, both on the Thames - I'm sure someone will know where they are a bit more prolific.

      Record: 5oz 4drm - 1980 - R J Jenkins