Wednesday 26 November 2014

Barbel Tally

I managed a very quick trip to the river this afternoon, it's these quick trips that are making my season. I do like to spend the day chasing fish, but those trips seem all too infrequent. I really wish there was somewhere close at hand to try and find a pike or two, perhaps I'll give the local pond another try now we've had a frost.

Anyway I added two more barbel to this seasons tally, 4lb 8oz and one about 1½lb, so I'm in the fish - just not the big ones. I'm really not complaining, I only landed five barbel last year so it's great to have something pulling on the line on a regular basis.

Total weight: 177lb 9oz
Number caught: 41
Biggest: 10lb 1oz, 9lb 12oz, 8lb 7oz


  1. 41 fish for nearly 180Lb seems like a great season so far. I have my fingers crossed that the big river will treat you well this winter.

    1. Averaging just over 4lb, and averaging 2 or 3 a trip - not bad.

      Yeah hoping the red river will be in form this season, need a few pike! Just checked the river level and it's just dropped below the 1.12 meter pike line... Hope it stays there for a while...