Thursday 14 March 2013

The Last Day!

It's the day we all dread. After a horrible winter I, like most river anglers, was really hoping for a fortnight of spring weather to finish the season - No. OK, a week then - No. A day?

I got up early to a heavy frost, conditions were bright and cold - not ideal... But it's the last day, me and Dan had to give it a blast. Initially it didn't look good but by lunch time we'd seen a few barbel and had a couple of enquires on the luncheon meat (not a great day to run out of SB4).

Lunch then... We opted to upgrade the traditional Penton Hook sausage sandwiches and couple of cans of beer to steak and red wine - very posh... There are now two types of fishing; traveling light & steak for lunch!

But what we really needed was a fish to end a cracking season, ideally a barbel (or perhaps even a rogue salmon), but they didn't want to play today… We stuck it out into the evening and a last minute chub did the trick, haven't seen that many of them this year. Might have been a bit light on pike, but what a season.

Full season report to follow...


  1. Nice chub and a steak, looks like a good way to spend the last day.
    Maybe not the Pike season you had hoped for but at least you consistently got into the good Barbel. Top Fishing Pike bloke.


    1. Cheers Paulos, my work here is done. Over to you and the sharks. Look forward to the reports Shark Bloke.

  2. Very civalised plates ,knives and forks glasses can't beat it !!! Nice chub, the fishing this end no better in fact dire roll on June........Roger

    1. We forgot the mushrooms & bread though (remembered the important stuff). After the floods and cold weather roll on summer...